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Three months. 48 continental states.  Fueled by veggies. Our family of four got rid of all belongings (vehicles, house, furniture, etc) and has moved into a comfortable camper.  This tent trailer is a MANSION compared to the 1981 Westfalia we lived in last year...and we FINALLY have upgraded to a huge king bed with plenty of room for all four of us (no more dead arms!)  Our new-to-us truck has a diesel engine converted to run on used vegetable oil that we attain from restaurants.  We have a huge tank, pump, and filteration system.  Our purpose is to educate people all over the U.S. about the benefits of recycling and using vegetable oil as motor fuel.  We have no specifically mapped journey, we are just going where the wind takes us.  We can't wait to explore as many places as possible, meet as many new creatures as possible, and to live off the land and support the local communities we venture to.  All of course while wearing costumes, smiles, and our hearts on our sleeves.
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