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Stacy Marie Lyons Rasmusen loves laughing and making others laugh. She enjoys poking fun at EVERYONE--especially herself--because who doesn't like to get poked? She loves Duke, her sons, family, friends, dressing up, karaoke, stand up comedy, writing, yoga, cruelty-free food, camping and exploring. An advocate for animals, she is compassionate to ALL living beings--with the exception of vegetables--they're a real bunch of assholes.  She intends to follow all of HER dreams with her head held high and make her father proud--especially now that he can watch her more than ever!
Duke is a Napa native and also a Chico State Graduate. He is  currently in between jobs and never wants to work again. Duke loves traveling in third countries to keep things in perspective. Spontaneous, spur of the moment decisions are a daily occurence for duke. He strives to life without fear of falure or what people think of him. His favorite things in the world are Stacy, Sports, Family, Dogs. Talking, Camping, traveling, Dry Humping, Normal Humping, and Being the weirdest human he can be

Costner will be 35 dog years on October 28th, 2011.  He is a very intelligent and mature  (and handsome) man, but like the rest of his family, enjoys the spotlight once in a while: usually when he is humping or pooping in completely inappropriate places.  Costner loves the beach,  snuggling, meeting new people and animals, and candy (his faves are Sour Patch Kids and Red Vines.
Cream Cheese had his year anniversary with us when we were taking off on our 48 state tour.  At 15 months old, he has seen more than many people. While this little Frenchie sleeps 75% of the time, the other 25% is spent eating, watching people eat, farting, playing, broom attacking, and doing yoga.  He is named after the late Sea Donkey's favorite food, and we know Sea Donkey watches over him (and all of us....)